The Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research
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Research at CCSR

CCSR is a centre for applied quantitative research, including the development of innovative methods to answer specific empirical questions. Thus CCSR's research activity is both substantive and methodological. Our methodological research informs our inter-disciplinary research applications, which in turn provide a testing ground for methodological innovations. Our research strengths are reflected in the 2008 Research Assessment Exercise where CCSR formed part of the Sociology submission with 40% of research activity ranked at the highest 4* level – the highest for any sociology return in the country.

Our applied research programme centres on secondary analysis of census and survey data and exploits, and builds upon, the methodological expertise. The nature of this applied work is broad, inherently interdisciplinary and collaborative. By providing a unique blend of methodological and substantive expertise, CCSR is well placed to play a critical functional role within the School of Social Sciences and, indeed, the University as a whole.

Research groupings are:

Current Projects

  • Gender Norms and Labour Supply
  • PIPS Project
  • QMCI Project
  • Bilateral Australia
  • Urbanisation and spatial inequalities in health in Brazil and India/Introduction
  • Ethnic Group Population Change and Integration
  • Recently Completed Projects

  • ADEA Project
  • Working Conditions and Data Use Survey
  • Public Attitudes to Environmental Change Evidence Review
  • Ethnic differences in diet, physical activity and obesity
  • Microdata, Research Facilities and Work Practice in the
  • Changes in Employment Conditions & Employed
  • The Geography of Unpaid Caring in England & Wales
  • Conference on Ethnic Differences in the Labour Market.
  • Workshop on Quantile Regression
  • University of Manchester CCSR