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David Voas
Simon Professor of Population Studies

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Tel: 0161 275 4836
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Institute for Social Change
Kantorovich Building
Humanities Bridgeford Street
University of Manchester
M13 9PL 

Academic qualifications

BSc(Econ), MSc, London School of Economics

PhD, Cambridge University

Professional biography

David Voas was elected to a Simon Research Fellowship at the University of Manchester in 2003 and appointed to a chair in the Institute for Social Change in 2007. He previously held a lectureship at the University of Sheffield and a research post at the University of Liverpool, having returned to academic life in 1998 after a long period in the private sector. He has spent extended periods overseas, notably in Africa, India, France, the USA and Bulgaria. He is the national programme director in Great Britain for the European Values Study and co-director of British Religion in Numbers (, an online centre for British data on religion.  He serves on the editorial boards of the British Journal of Sociology and the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion and on the council of the British Society for Population Studies.  He spent Trinity term 2009 at Nuffield College, Oxford.

Specific research interests

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Selected Publications

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David Voas supervises research related to his areas of expertise. He is responsible for 'Religious and ethnic change', a core module for the MSc in Social Change.

PhD Students

Sarah King-Hele
Ingrid Storm

Stefanie Döbler

University of Manchester CCSR