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The Samples of Anonymised Records

Employment patterns -- who works from home

This unit examines the phenomenon of working 'from home'. Empirical data are provided on four aspects of working from home. First, employment status is considered alongside gender. The notion of an aggregate 'probability' is explored here, and is linked to the 'odds' of working from home. The standard occupational categories (SOC) are introduced, and the high prevalence of working from home in SOC Group 1 (Managerial and administrative) is noted. Clerical and sales occupations show clear gender differences, which are highlighted using both pie charts and a table of odds ratios.

Slides: Powerpoint, PDF, HTML. Guidelines: Word, PDF. SPSS files: SPSS Output file, SPSS Syntax file


These units were written by Jane Elliot, Wendy Olsen, Hisako Nomura and Jo Wathan.

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