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The Samples of Anonymised Records


Members of academic institutions are able to use the SARs at no cost to themselves, provided the data are being used for academic research; that is, research funded by the higher education sector of the UK.

All prospective users must obtain an Individual User Registration document from the nominated contact person at their institution (the name of the person can be provided by CMU). This explains the conditions of use of the SARs. This document must be signed and witnessed by the CMU representative and then returned to the CMU at Manchester University. You will then be registered as a user and given access to the data.

If you wish to use the SARs for research funded by a local authority, government department or similar body, then a commercial licence is needed. The SARs may be purchased under a commercial licence for 1000 for each file (more details are given in the commercial prospectus obtainable from CMU). A commercial licence may either be obtained by the body funding the research or by the body conducting the research. Again, the CMU can provide further guidance and the Individual Registration Document contains some examples.


It says here "If you can understand this, you will have no problems analysing the SARs".  

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