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The Samples of Anonymised Records

Small Area Microdata Variables

carsh — Cars/Vans Owned or Available for Use

Value Label Count Percentage
-9 n/a communal est 52933 n/a%  n/a%
0 No car 576002 19.43%  19.43%
1 1 car 1225684 41.34%  41.34%
2 2 or more 1110252 37.45%  37.45%

Copyright: Census output is Crown copyright and is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO and the Queen's Printer for Scotland

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The number of cars or vans owned, or available for use, by one or more members of a household It includes company cars and vans available for private use. The count of cars or vans in an area relates only to households. Cars or vans used by residents of communal establishments are not counted.

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