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The Samples of Anonymised Records

Small Area Microdata

10 September 2006: Small Area Microdata – NSSEC8 update

In the original release, the categories labeled 1-8 for NSSEC8 are correct however Category 9 currently includes 'full-time students' while excluding 'never worked'. A correct variable is on all data dated September 2006 or later.

The SAM is a 5% sample of individuals for all countries of the UK, with 2.96 million cases. Local Authority is the lowest level of geography for England and Wales, Council Areas for Scotland and Parliamentary Constituencies for Northern Ireland. The Scilly Isles have been merged with Penwith and the City of London with Westminster. Orkney and Shetland are merged into one area. All other areas are identified. The median sample size for an authority is 5.6 thousand records and nearly eighty authorities have more than 10,000 records. The amount of individual detail in the SAM is less than in the 2001 I-SAR because of the greater geographical detail in the SAM.


As with the Individual SAR, the SAM includes those enumerated in a communal establishment and also full-time students who were enumerated at an address that was not their usual term-time residence. For the latter there is only individual-level information on age, sex, marital status and FT student status. We recommend that these students are not included in any analyses as they do not form part of the usual residents population base.


The data are available online to registered users. See the access page for more information.

Unlike the Individual SAR, there is not a more detailed version of the SAM available under Controlled Access.



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