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The Samples of Anonymised Records

Resources 2001 Household CAM


The latest version of the codebook for the 2001 Household CAMS can be found here.

The Household CAM is a more detailed version of the 2001 Household SAR.

Arrangements for accessing and using the CAMS file are managed by ONS. To access the CAMS you need to complete an application form and return it to ONS. More information on the application process is available on the ONS website. The files can only be accessed at ONS offices in Titchfield, London and Newport.


Information about users of the CAMs and their projects can be found here.

SARs Meta Data

These files are the SARs documentation in XML DDI format, as used internally in our Nesstar server. Most users will not find these useful and would be better looking at the documentation or dataset pages rather than this raw metadata.

Further references:

Census 2001: Definitions

Wathan, J., Holdsworth, C. and Leeser, R. (2004): Alternative Household Classifications for the 2001 Census


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