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‘Sleepwalking to segregation’?

Challenging myths about race and migration


Nissa Finney and Ludi Simpson


“If you want to know what has really been happening in Britain in terms of ethnic segregation, how many ghettos exist, or whether immigration is a threat to social solidarity, this is the book to read.”

Daniel Dorling, Department of Geography, University of Sheffield


Is Britain really under threat from ethnic diversity? Is the social fabric crumbling as we sleepwalk to segregation? In the context of renewed debates about diversity and cohesion, this book interrogates contemporary claims about race and migration. It demonstrates that many of the claims are myths, presenting evidence in support of and in opposition to them in an accessible yet academically rigorous manner.

The book combines an easy-to-read overview of the subject with innovative new research. It tackles head-on questions about levels of immigration, the contribution of immigrants, minority self-segregation, ghettoisation and the future diversity of the population. It poses a direct challenge to the arguments of commentators such as MigrationWatchUK and the leadership of the Commission for Equality and Human Rights. The authors argue that the myths of race and migration are the real threat to an integrated society. They propose that diversity and mobility are expected and benign, and recommend that focus should return to problems of inequality and prejudice.

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Sleepwalking to segregation?

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Myths of Race and Migration, A Quick Reference Summary


Contents: Introduction; Making sense of race statistics; Challenging the myth that “Britain takes too many immigrants”; Challenging the myth that “so many minorities can’t be integrated”; Challenging the myth that “minorities don’t want to integrate”; Challenging the myth that “Britain is becoming a country of ghettos”; Challenging the myth of “minority white cities”; Conclusion; Myths and counterarguments: a quick reference summary.





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