The Cathie Marsh Centre for Census and Survey Research
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Population forecasts for local authority Districts and other areas

Ludi Simpson, Susan Lomax, Alan Marshall

CCSR supports population forecasts for local authority and other areas in a number of ways.

Software for population, household and labour force forecasts. CCSR leads the development of the POPGROUP family of Excel-based forecasting programs, used by fifty local authority and other organisations in the UK and worldwide.

Services for forecasting. CCSR has used the POPGROUP software to forecast local authority District areas, electoral wards, a National Park area, and other areas. Sample reports for:

Derbyshire Districts population projections (and technical report)

Derbyshire Districts labour force projections (and technical report)

Peak District National Park population, household and labour force projections

Cairngorms National Park population and household projections (and technical report)

POPGROUP user group discussion of small area forecasting 2004

Ethnic group population forecasting. Research and services for population forecasts with an ethnic group dimension are described here.


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