Example Files

The following example files can be downloaded and should be then be unzipped; they contain Excel files of the different types that are used in POPGROUP. They show the layout and content of each type of file as referred to in the manuals. However, most of their functions will not work without the POPGROUP software.

Popgroup Examples (zip 935KB) - Population estimates and forecasts
Housegroup Examples (zip 648KB) - Household estimates and forecasts
Labgroup Examples (zip 1672KB) - Labour force estimates and forecasts

Refer to the Costs of purchasing the full software and the Contact Us page for details of how to order the software.

Example output files together with POPGROUP's reporter program may be downloaded free. The files and the programs should be unzipped to the same directory; the reporter programs are then initiated after opening the file 'fore_3-reports':

Download example output files (362KB)
Download POPGROUP reporter programs (949KB)
Download HOUSEGROUP reporter programs (208KB)
Download LABGROUP reporter programs (143KB)
Download national schedules of fertility, mortality and migration
Download demonstration programs
Download paper on the combination of counts and rates implemented in POPGROUP, from the journal Applied Population and Policy, 2004: Integrating estimates and targets within a population projection
Using Excel Pivot Tables with POPGROUP