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Research design
Methodological strategies to recruit and research socially excluded groups
Informed consent and the research process

Data construction
The development of methods for complex coding
Improving survey measurement of income and employment
Missing data methodology for multi-level models

Multi-media ethnographic methods
Ethnography for the digital age
Interactive data collection-reproduction/transmission of environmental knowledge

Longitudinal and pathway analysis
o Methodologies for studying families and family effects
o Multilevel multiprocess models for partnership and childbearing event histories
o Modelling attitude stability and change using repeated measures data

Network Analysis
o Social capital & consumption: promoting social network analysis

Synthesis and evaluation methods
o Evidence-based policy, theory-based synthesis, practice-based reviews
o Narrative synthesis of quantitative and qualitative data in systematic reviews
o How can systematic reviews incorporate qualitative research?

Analysing textual data
o Verbatim quotations in applied social research: theory, practice and impact
o Assessment and development of new methods for the analysis of media content

Integrating multiple methods
o Investigating practice and process in integrating methodologies: a demonstrator
o Integrating quantitative and qualitative research: prospects and limits

Migration and spatial analysis
o A spatio-temporal analysis of the Great Irish Famine
o The isonymic analysis of historical data: Irish migration to Britain, 1851-1901
o The impact of local area influences on individual outcomes
o Multiquantile models for small area estimation

Training and resources: quantitative methods
The ESRC Oxford Spring School in Quantitative Methods of Social Research
Royal Economic Society's Easter School in Econometrics
Training courses, master classes and symposia in microdata methods and practice
A national training and support service for quantitative social science
A programme of quantitative methods training
Internet access to research methods training materials (IFS)
Practical examples of the analyses of surveys (PEAS)
Longitudinal data analysis in the social sciences

Training and resources: qualitative methods
Computer-assisted qualitative data analysis (CAQDAS) networking project
Benchmarking good practice in qualitative management research
Online support for QDA and CAQDAS and evaluation of learning needs

Mixed methods and research design
Exploring online research methods in a virtual training environment
Partnership research: negotiating user involvement in research design
Focusing on the case in quantitative and qualitative research
Training in research with and about children
Summer Institute in Economic Geography

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