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Research Methods Festival Programme

Programme for: Thursday 1st July pm

Venue: See conference programme

Bookings for the conference have closed.

Introduction to CAQDAS

2:00 – 5:30

Ann Lewins and Christina Silver, University of Surrey
Graham Gibbs, University of Huddersfield

Ray Lee, Royal Holloway, University of London

1. Overview and introduction to CAQDAS (Computer Assistance in Qualitative Data Analysis)

Introduction to the session and to the CAQDAS Networking Project

Ray Lee, Royal Holloway, University of London


Overview/Introduction to some of the tools of CAQDAS

Ann Lewins and Christina Silver, University of Surrey



This will provide a basic idea of the range of CAQDAS software and some of their most used or distinctive functions.


2. Users first hand experiences of individual CAQDAS software

A panel of invited researchers and academics will explain and critique their experience of CAQDAS software either with their substantive projects or from a methodological standpoint.

Speakers and panel members will include:

Graham Gibbs, University of Huddersfield - Using CAQDAS in lexical searching and narrative analyses - Slides

RMP Project page

Ray Lee, Professor of Social Research Methods at Royal Holloway and co-director of the CAQDAS Networking Project - Publications

Ann Lewins, CAQDAS Project Manager and Course Tutor, University of Surrey

RMP Project page

Kabwe Benaya, just completing a doctoral thesis at Southampton University, will speak about her use of ATLAS.ti for the qualitative data in her project 'The socio-cultural context of family planning in Zambia'

Frank Pike will talk about 'The Public Order Policing of Community Based Events: using Atlas.ti as an Aid to Analysis'

Richard Humphrey will talk about his Masters thesis, "Physical Activity and Substance Abuse". MAXqda is being used to analyse the qualitative strand of a mixed method approach

Hannah Archer, of Hallmarks Research, will talk about her teams use of NVivo in a project concerned with the analysis of successful Lifelong Learning Projects in the Eastern Region