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Conference programme

including maps, general information, exhibitors, etc.

(Please note this is a shortened version of the programme which will be distributed in our conference packs and does not include the list of participants).

For locations, see conference programme Thursday 1st July Friday 2nd July Saturday 3rd July
How to succeed in grant applications   Cross national research: achieving comparability (FULL)   Researching time use (1)  
Statistics: modelling complex processes   Digital ethnography / Interactive research methods   How to beat the PhD blues  
Longitudinal data for qualitative and quantitative research (FULL)   What is multilevel modelling? (FULL)   Making an effective presentation  
Role of trials in policy assessment   Causality (FULL)   How to get published  
Integrating methods   Taking user involvement seriously   Room C: ESRC strategy for PhDs (10:00 - 10:45)  
ESDS, QB and SOSIG resources     Teaching quantitative methods  
Resources for statistical analysis     Quantitative tools for qualitative data (FULL)  
Lunch Lunch Lunch
ESRC strategic directions   Cross national research: analysis issues   Researching time use (2)  
Statistics: understanding family processes   Software for media analysis / Social networks   How to enjoy your viva  
Communicating research to policy makers (FULL)   Census research, contemporary and historical   How to build your brilliant career  
Improve your PhD supervision   Assessing research quality (FULL)   How to do a literature search (FULL)  
Introduction to CAQDAS   Research ethics: participation and consent (FULL)    
Online research methods   New directions in multidimensional analysis   Meeting ESRC generic training requirements  
Resources for longitudinal analysis   Using secondary analysis in your PhD (FULL)    
5:30 - 7:00
National Centres for Research Methods and e-Social Science:
Drop-in session with wine.
JCR Live Music and Bar Live Music and Bar End of Festival
Dining Hall Dinner Dinner
JCR 9:00 Reflections on the real world Drop-In consultation with PhD students