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QCA Masterclass

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Date: Thursday 20 th July

Venue: Room C, Bernard Sunley Building

Time: 2.00 5.30

Title: Qualitative comparative analysis

Aims of session: To provide participants with the most recent advances in the use of qualitative comparative analysis and related methods

Format: Master class

Level: This session assumes some knowledge of the basic principles of QCA

Session Programme

QCA: the state of the art

Charles Ragin, University of Arizona


Qualitative comparative analysis (QCA) is fundamentally a case-oriented method, applied to small-to-moderate-sized Ns. It is most useful when researchers have knowledge of each case included in an investigation, there is a relatively small number of such cases (e.g., 5-50), and the investigator seeks to compare cases in a more holistic manner, as configurations. This master class offers an advanced introduction to the approach. It contrasts the logic of qualitative comparative analysis with other analytic logics. Specific attention is devoted to the use of the software package fsQCA. Both the crisp (or Boolean) and fuzzy set versions of the approach are presented.

There will be a break for coffee/tea from 3.30-4.00

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