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Cross file linking in OPCS Omnibus Survey, May 1991

This table provides a quick lookup of which variables appear in multiple files, and where links may be made after consulting the documentation for their appropriateness.

a910504 a910505 a910517 a910520 a910523 a910524
AGEX variable: AGEX, file: a910504 variable: AGEX, file: a910505 variable: AGEX, file: a910517 variable: AGEX, file: a910520 variable: AGEX, file: a910523 variable: AGEX, file: a910524
CARS variable: CARS, file: a910504 variable: CARS, file: a910505 variable: CARS, file: a910517 variable: CARS, file: a910520 variable: CARS, file: a910523 variable: CARS, file: a910524
CLASS variable: CLASS, file: a910504 variable: CLASS, file: a910505 variable: CLASS, file: a910517 variable: CLASS, file: a910520 variable: CLASS, file: a910523 variable: CLASS, file: a910524
CYCLE variable: CYCLE, file: a910504 variable: CYCLE, file: a910505 variable: CYCLE, file: a910517 variable: CYCLE, file: a910520 variable: CYCLE, file: a910523 variable: CYCLE, file: a910524
EMP variable: EMP, file: a910504 variable: EMP, file: a910505 variable: EMP, file: a910517 variable: EMP, file: a910520 variable: EMP, file: a910523 variable: EMP, file: a910524
HHTYPB variable: HHTYPB, file: a910504 variable: HHTYPB, file: a910505 variable: HHTYPB, file: a910517 variable: HHTYPB, file: a910520 variable: HHTYPB, file: a910523 variable: HHTYPB, file: a910524
LEFTED variable: LEFTED, file: a910504 variable: LEFTED, file: a910505 variable: LEFTED, file: a910517 variable: LEFTED, file: a910520 variable: LEFTED, file: a910523 variable: LEFTED, file: a910524
MARSTAT variable: MARSTAT, file: a910504 variable: MARSTAT, file: a910505 variable: MARSTAT, file: a910517 variable: MARSTAT, file: a910520 variable: MARSTAT, file: a910523 variable: MARSTAT, file: a910524
MODULE variable: MODULE, file: a910504 variable: MODULE, file: a910505 variable: MODULE, file: a910517 variable: MODULE, file: a910520 variable: MODULE, file: a910523 variable: MODULE, file: a910524
NORESP variable: NORESP, file: a910504 variable: NORESP, file: a910505 variable: NORESP, file: a910517 variable: NORESP, file: a910520 variable: NORESP, file: a910523 variable: NORESP, file: a910524
Q11 variable: Q11, file: a910504 variable: Q11, file: a910505 variable: Q11, file: a910517 variable: Q11, file: a910520 variable: Q11, file: a910523 variable: Q11, file: a910524
Q110 variable: Q110, file: a910504 variable: Q110, file: a910505 variable: Q110, file: a910517 variable: Q110, file: a910520 variable: Q110, file: a910523 variable: Q110, file: a910524
Q111 variable: Q111, file: a910504 variable: Q111, file: a910505 variable: Q111, file: a910517 variable: Q111, file: a910520 variable: Q111, file: a910523 variable: Q111, file: a910524
Q112 variable: Q112, file: a910504 variable: Q112, file: a910505 variable: Q112, file: a910517 variable: Q112, file: a910520 variable: Q112, file: a910523 variable: Q112, file: a910524
Q113 variable: Q113, file: a910504 variable: Q113, file: a910505 variable: Q113, file: a910517 variable: Q113, file: a910520 variable: Q113, file: a910523 variable: Q113, file: a910524
Q114 variable: Q114, file: a910504 variable: Q114, file: a910505 variable: Q114, file: a910517 variable: Q114, file: a910520 variable: Q114, file: a910523 variable: Q114, file: a910524
Q115 variable: Q115, file: a910504 variable: Q115, file: a910505 variable: Q115, file: a910517 variable: Q115, file: a910520 variable: Q115, file: a910523 variable: Q115, file: a910524
Q116 variable: Q116, file: a910504 variable: Q116, file: a910505 variable: Q116, file: a910517 variable: Q116, file: a910520 variable: Q116, file: a910523 variable: Q116, file: a910524
Q117 variable: Q117, file: a910504 variable: Q117, file: a910505 variable: Q117, file: a910517 variable: Q117, file: a910520 variable: Q117, file: a910523 variable: Q117, file: a910524
Q118 variable: Q118, file: a910504 variable: Q118, file: a910505 variable: Q118, file: a910517 variable: Q118, file: a910520 variable: Q118, file: a910523 variable: Q118, file: a910524
Q119 variable: Q119, file: a910504 variable: Q119, file: a910505 variable: Q119, file: a910517 variable: Q119, file: a910520 variable: Q119, file: a910523 variable: Q119, file: a910524
Q12 variable: Q12, file: a910504 variable: Q12, file: a910505 variable: Q12, file: a910517 variable: Q12, file: a910520 variable: Q12, file: a910523 variable: Q12, file: a910524
Q120 variable: Q120, file: a910504 variable: Q120, file: a910505 variable: Q120, file: a910517 variable: Q120, file: a910520 variable: Q120, file: a910523 variable: Q120, file: a910524
Q121 variable: Q121, file: a910504 variable: Q121, file: a910505 variable: Q121, file: a910517 variable: Q121, file: a910520 variable: Q121, file: a910523 variable: Q121, file: a910524
Q122 variable: Q122, file: a910504 variable: Q122, file: a910505 variable: Q122, file: a910517 variable: Q122, file: a910520 variable: Q122, file: a910523 variable: Q122, file: a910524
Q123 variable: Q123, file: a910504 variable: Q123, file: a910505 variable: Q123, file: a910517 variable: Q123, file: a910520 variable: Q123, file: a910523 variable: Q123, file: a910524
Q124 variable: Q124, file: a910504 variable: Q124, file: a910505 variable: Q124, file: a910517 variable: Q124, file: a910520 variable: Q124, file: a910523 variable: Q124, file: a910524
Q125 variable: Q125, file: a910504 variable: Q125, file: a910505 variable: Q125, file: a910517 variable: Q125, file: a910520 variable: Q125, file: a910523 variable: Q125, file: a910524
Q126 variable: Q126, file: a910504 variable: Q126, file: a910505 variable: Q126, file: a910517 variable: Q126, file: a910520 variable: Q126, file: a910523 variable: Q126, file: a910524
Q127 variable: Q127, file: a910504 variable: Q127, file: a910505 variable: Q127, file: a910517 variable: Q127, file: a910520 variable: Q127, file: a910523 variable: Q127, file: a910524
Q128 variable: Q128, file: a910504 variable: Q128, file: a910505 variable: Q128, file: a910517 variable: Q128, file: a910520 variable: Q128, file: a910523 variable: Q128, file: a910524
Q129 variable: Q129, file: a910504 variable: Q129, file: a910505 variable: Q129, file: a910517 variable: Q129, file: a910520 variable: Q129, file: a910523 variable: Q129, file: a910524
Q13 variable: Q13, file: a910504 variable: Q13, file: a910505 variable: Q13, file: a910517 variable: Q13, file: a910520 variable: Q13, file: a910523 variable: Q13, file: a910524
Q130 variable: Q130, file: a910504 variable: Q130, file: a910505 variable: Q130, file: a910517 variable: Q130, file: a910520 variable: Q130, file: a910523 variable: Q130, file: a910524
Q131 variable: Q131, file: a910504 variable: Q131, file: a910505 variable: Q131, file: a910517 variable: Q131, file: a910520 variable: Q131, file: a910523 variable: Q131, file: a910524
a910504 a910505 a910517 a910520 a910523 a910524
Q132 variable: Q132, file: a910504 variable: Q132, file: a910505 variable: Q132, file: a910517 variable: Q132, file: a910520 variable: Q132, file: a910523 variable: Q132, file: a910524
Q14 variable: Q14, file: a910504 variable: Q14, file: a910505 variable: Q14, file: a910517 variable: Q14, file: a910520 variable: Q14, file: a910523 variable: Q14, file: a910524
Q15 variable: Q15, file: a910504 variable: Q15, file: a910505 variable: Q15, file: a910517 variable: Q15, file: a910520 variable: Q15, file: a910523 variable: Q15, file: a910524
Q16 variable: Q16, file: a910504 variable: Q16, file: a910505 variable: Q16, file: a910517 variable: Q16, file: a910520 variable: Q16, file: a910523 variable: Q16, file: a910524
Q17 variable: Q17, file: a910504 variable: Q17, file: a910505 variable: Q17, file: a910517 variable: Q17, file: a910520 variable: Q17, file: a910523 variable: Q17, file: a910524
Q18 variable: Q18, file: a910504 variable: Q18, file: a910505 variable: Q18, file: a910517 variable: Q18, file: a910520 variable: Q18, file: a910523 variable: Q18, file: a910524
Q19 variable: Q19, file: a910504 variable: Q19, file: a910505 variable: Q19, file: a910517 variable: Q19, file: a910520 variable: Q19, file: a910523 variable: Q19, file: a910524
Q71 variable: Q71, file: a910504 variable: Q71, file: a910505 variable: Q71, file: a910517 variable: Q71, file: a910520 variable: Q71, file: a910523 variable: Q71, file: a910524
Q72 variable: Q72, file: a910504 variable: Q72, file: a910505 variable: Q72, file: a910517 variable: Q72, file: a910520 variable: Q72, file: a910523 variable: Q72, file: a910524
Q73 variable: Q73, file: a910504 variable: Q73, file: a910505 variable: Q73, file: a910517 variable: Q73, file: a910520 variable: Q73, file: a910523 variable: Q73, file: a910524
Q74 variable: Q74, file: a910504 variable: Q74, file: a910505 variable: Q74, file: a910517 variable: Q74, file: a910520 variable: Q74, file: a910523 variable: Q74, file: a910524
Q75 variable: Q75, file: a910504 variable: Q75, file: a910505 variable: Q75, file: a910517 variable: Q75, file: a910520 variable: Q75, file: a910523 variable: Q75, file: a910524
REGION variable: REGION, file: a910504 variable: REGION, file: a910505 variable: REGION, file: a910517 variable: REGION, file: a910520 variable: REGION, file: a910523 variable: REGION, file: a910524
REGIONX variable: REGIONX, file: a910504 variable: REGIONX, file: a910505 variable: REGIONX, file: a910517 variable: REGIONX, file: a910520 variable: REGIONX, file: a910523 variable: REGIONX, file: a910524
TENURE variable: TENURE, file: a910504 variable: TENURE, file: a910505 variable: TENURE, file: a910517 variable: TENURE, file: a910520 variable: TENURE, file: a910523 variable: TENURE, file: a910524
WTA variable: WTA, file: a910504 variable: WTA, file: a910505 variable: WTA, file: a910517 variable: WTA, file: a910520 variable: WTA, file: a910523 variable: WTA, file: a910524
WTB variable: WTB, file: a910504 variable: WTB, file: a910505 variable: WTB, file: a910517 variable: WTB, file: a910520 variable: WTB, file: a910523 variable: WTB, file: a910524

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