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Quarterly Labour Force Survey, December 2001 - February 2002 Variables

ytetmp — YT, ET, TEC schemes

Value Label Count Percentage Filename: qlfsd01f
-9.00 Does not apply 140109 n/a%  n/a%
-8.00 No answer 5 n/a%  n/a%
1.00 With employer - work exp, prac training 134 53%  53%
2.00 On project - work exp, prac training 17 6%  6%
3.00 At college or training centre 93 36%  36%
4.00 Temporarily away frm employer / project 1 0%  0%
5.00 Temporarily away frm college, trn centre 7 2%  2%
140366 cases , missing values -8, -9 .

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"In the week ending Sunday the [date], on that government scheme were you... with an employer providing work experience or practical training; on a project providing work experience or practical training [GB ONLY]; at a college or training centre; temporarily away from an employer or project; temporarily away from a college or training centre?"


Applies to respondents on certain government training schemes

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