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Quarterly Labour Force Survey, March - May, 2001 Variables

ethwh — White ethnic group

Value Label Count Percentage Filename: qlfsmm01
-9.00 Does not apply 23600 n/a%  n/a%
-8.00 No answer 30 n/a%  n/a%
1.00 British 111203 96%  96%
2.00 Another white background 3963 3%  3%
138796 cases , missing values -8, -9 .

Copyright: Crown Copyright material is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO and the Queen's Printer for Scotland

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See also revised ethnicity variable ETHCEN15, which is a detailed ethnic classificatory variable based on answers contained at the questions covered by ETH01, ETHWH, ETHMX, ETHAS AND ETHBL. Data in ETHCEN15 has had 'other' type verbatim responses coded and re-allocated to the appropriate category. Please note that respondents in Northern Ireland who state that their ethnicity is white are not asked the detailed level question EthWh. They are therefore listed as missing, 'not applicable - white Northern Irish' in ETHCEN15. See also variable ETHCEN6 for further ethnicity revisions.

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And to which of these ethnic groups do you consider you belong?


APPLIES IF ETHN01 = 1 (White)

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