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Quarterly Labour Force Survey Household Dataset, September - November 1999 Variables

methse2 — Meth.of seeking self-employment 2

Value Label Count Percentage Filename: sn99sphp
-9.00 Does not apply 144248 n/a%  n/a%
-8.00 No answer 0 n/a%  n/a%
5.00 Advertise in newspapers or journals 0 0%  0%
6.00 Answer ads in newspapers and journals 8 7%  7%
11.00 Look for premises or equipment 13 12%  12%
12.00 Seek any kind of permit 13 12%  12%
13.00 Try to get loan, other financial backing 19 17%  17%
14.00 Do anything else to find work 55 50%  50%
144356 cases , missing values -8, -9 .

Copyright: Crown Copyright material is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO and the Queen's Printer for Scotland

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In the FOUR weeks ending Sunday the [date], did you do any of these things... advertise for jobs in newspapers, journals or on the internet; answer advertisements in newspapers, journals or on the internet; look for premises or equipment for a job; seek any kind of permit to be able to do a job; try to get a loan or other financial backing for a job or business; do anything else to find work? Response 2


Applies if respondent is seeking work

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