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Quarterly Labour Force Survey, March - May, 1999 Variables

acthr2 — 2nd job actual hours including overtime

Value Label Count Percentage Filename: qlfsmm99
-9.00 Does not apply 0 n/a%  n/a%
-8.00 No answer 0 n/a%  n/a%


Continuous variable (Filename: qlfsmm99 ):

Mean: -8.598, Max: 99.000, Min: -9.000, Median: -9.000, 3rd Quartile: -9.000, 1st Quartile: -9.000.

146136 cases , missing values -8, -9 .

Copyright: Crown Copyright material is reproduced with the permission of the Controller of HMSO and the Queen's Printer for Scotland

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How many hours did you actually work in the week ending Sunday the [date] in your second job in total including any paid or unpaid overtime - please exclude meal breaks?


"APPLIES IF Y2JOB = 2 (reason for 2nd paid job is not due to job change in ref wk) OR YTETJB = 1 (paid work in addition to government training scheme) AND NEWDEAL NE 1, 6, 19"

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