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Crime surveys user meeting

Tuesday 9 December 2008

Royal Statistical Society, Errol Street, London, EC1Y 8LX

This meeting will provide a forum for the exchange of information and views between users and producers of the Government Crime and Victimisation Survey datasets. It is aimed primarily at users and potential users of survey microdata.


10.30 Coffee and registration
  Morning chair: Vanessa Higgins, ESDS Government


Update on British Crime Survey developments
John Flatley, Home Office


Scottish Crime and Justice Survey
Helen Fogarty, Scottish Government

Northern Ireland Crime Survey
Brian French, Northern Ireland Office

12.00 The Offending Crime and Justice Survey, including the new longitudinal dataset
Stephen Roe, Home Office

Longitudinal Analysis of the OCJS
Steve Pudney, University of Essex




Afternoon chair: Alison Walker, Crime Survey Programme Director, Home Office


ESDS Resources for Government Crime Surveys
Vanessa Higgins, ESDS Government


Something Fishy? Uncovering heterogeneity in the distribution of crime victimisation in general populations
Paul Norris, Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research (CJ-QUEST), University of Edinburgh

2.30 Weapons, Violence and the Cost of Fear in the British Crime Survey
Simon Moore and Iain Brennan, Violence & Society Research Group, University of Cardiff



Investigating the Goodhart thesis at the local scale: perceptions of antisocial behaviour and neighbourhood ethnic heterogeneity in the British Crime Survey
Joanna Taylor, Liz Twigg, University of Portsmouth, and John Mohan, University of Southampton

3.45 Using multilevel modelling techniques to analyse data from the British Crime Survey: conclusions from a recent research study 'Property crime in context'
Helen Chester, University of Manchester
4.15 General discussion
4.30 End

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