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ESDS Government Research Conference 2006

Ethnic differences in labour market outcomes, social capital and health: evidence from the UK government surveys

Tuesday 7 November 2006

British Academy, Carlton Terrace, London



Labour market related


Ethnic penalties: what role does discrimination play?

Anthony Heath, University of Oxford


Ethnic penalties in the labour market: the public-private sector divide

Sin Yi Cheung, Oxford Brookes University


Ethnic differences in women’s economic activity in relation to life-stage and qualification

Angela Dale, University of Manchester

11.30 Coffee

Earnings differences between ethnic groups – evidence from the LFS

Stephen Drinkwater, University of Surrey


In search of machers and schmoozers: forms of social capital and their impacts on social trust and political efficacy' using HOCS2001

Yaojun Li, University of Birmingham

12.45 Discussion
13.00 Lunch
Health related  


Examining inequalities in health using national data from the Health Survey for England (1999 and 2004)

Kerry Sproston, National Centre for Social Research


Ethnicity, migrant status and the outcome of pregnancy

Alison Macfarlane, City University


Using national health surveys in evidence based estimates of small area prevalence of chronic diseases

Peter Congdon, Queen Mary College, London

15.15 Discussion
15.30 End

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